Kitchen is a unique place in every home. It is a centre of our everyday lives. Choosing kitchen furniture we must remember that we should create a place where we will feel good and pay attention to select adequate materials. The best choice is high product quality at a reasonable price.

One of the main trends in contemporary design is minimalism that has also been permanently incorporated in our kitchens. More and more often we rely on clean forms, smooth, textureless cupboard fronts preferably without handles. Recent trends include high gloss on white, cream-coloured, black and natural veneer. The unquestionable advantages of white furniture, and especially its high gloss versions, include their visual lightness, cleanness and aesthetic value. Interiors filled with white furniture seem larger and brighter.

Very often the kitchen space is extended into the dining room and opens up to a living room so colours and materials used in these rooms interpenetrate, complement and match one another. In particular in case of open spaces or kitchenettes we offer customised furniture for kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms which makes an integral combination of forms, colours and textures.

In addition to modern furniture we offer English or Provence style furniture with richly ornamented fronts and finishing elements – varnished or made of solid wood.

Minimalist or styled kitchens taking us many years back, they are all designed according to the principles of ergonomics and customer’s preferences. Filled with high-quality accessories, e.g. PEKA, rotating shelves in corner cabinets, and comfortable pull-out cargo drawers of different width and height. Kitchen furniture has conspicuous LED lighting mounted in the body of furniture. To ensure customer’s comfort we use hinges and front drawer slides with brakes or touch open drawers by Hettich and Blum and electrical servo drives – in strategic kitchen cabinets.

Everything is complemented with kitchen countertops available in a variety of materials. We offer one-colour mineral acrylic countertops which look exceptionally good when they are integrated with a sink made from the same material. Laminated and granite countertops have been popular all the time. However, an equally durable alternative to the latter is now quartz conglomerate available in a variety of modern colours and patterns.

On our side we do our best to ensure that our kitchen furniture is modern, functional and at the same time unique! The great dedication of our designer to every, even the smallest project, makes us a leading producer of modern custom-made furniture in Bydgoszcz and not only there.

Contact us. Our designer will visit you to make the necessary measurements and reply to all questions connected with your ideas about an ideal kitchen. Free of charge and without obligations.