Modern custom-made furniture in the bathroom will ideally match the interior design of your entire house and materials selected to make them will perfectly harmonize with the colours and textures of other facing materials and ceramic tiles.

We will easily develop any bathroom space to make it beautiful, original and functional. We will arrange an in-built washing machine, Geberit system and the top cabinets, washbasin cabinets and cabinets with mirrors. In our company you will certainly find what you need.

To enjoy a bathroom for long years one must use proper materials resistant to moisture. Therefore, making bathroom furniture we mainly use varnished or veneered panels. Bathrooms are a perfect place to use exotic wood facing such as teak, jatoba, iroko, or American nut. The best local tree species are: oak, ash, elm, larch and beech. The wood can be stained, oil-coated, matt or high gloss varnished.
Apart from varnished, veneered or solid wood boards we make bathroom tops from mineral acrylic conglomerates as well as marble and granite.

The bodies of bathroom furniture, and sometimes also its external surfaces, are made from moisture-resistant laminated boards by Egger.
Furniture made from the above-mentioned materials meet the highest requirements of the room and are also durable and functional in use.
Bathroom cabinets are fitted with superior quality hardware. Drawers are equipped with slides with a brake or the touch open system by Blum or Hettich.

Still no idea for your new bathroom? No worries!

We will be glad to arrange any space for you, adapting it to your needs. The custom-made bathroom furniture bought from us will not only be beautiful and functional but also durable – made from the highest quality available materials.